It’s 2020 and February already! Awkward Strangers 2020 Challenge is to become song writers, not just another cover band! Here’s our first (kinda bleak) attempt at words and music.

Ye Mighty

…and then to lighten things a little (while staying in a minor key)

Our cover of Nature Boy, Bosa Nova style.
Anke on the six-string, upright, bass-ukulele (OK… guitar).

December Club MUK. So it’s a Christmas Singalong. But Awkward. And Strange. (Plus we raised some money for a good cause).

Not a good clip, partly because we were working off sheet music, and partly because it’s incomplete. But here is the rare sight of 2 Awkward Strangers playing ukulele together, attempting to sing (in Mongolian) about how beautiful horses are… on Melbourne Cup Day 2019.

Ukulele Highway is Australia’s premier ukulele podcast, and Awkward Strangers’ Club MUK shenanigans got a mention in sub-episode 10½ . If you don’t already subscribe to the Ukulele Highway, stop reading this page right now and do it! Read the blog! Listen to the podcast! Buy the t-shirt! (Does Rose sell t-shirts? She totally should…)

Awkward Strangers were part of the Melbourne Poet’s Union Annual Fundraiser at Saint Charlie Bar, Fitzroy in June 2019. They performed “Through the Desert”, a collection of prose, poetry and songs.

Photos courtesy of Brendan Bonsack.

Club MUK, June 2019 (a problem + a solution)

Awkward Strangers joined in with the Yarra Yukers and friends to play at “Peace, Love And Ukeleles!”

2019 Melbourne Ukulele Festival

Awkward Strangers managed to sneak into the Ukulele Highway’s expose before the festival blasted its way through Northcote on 16 & 17 March (jump straight to Dean and Rose talking Club 303 here).

And then, as expected, they guest-gatecrashed the open mic session on Saturday afternoon and played through a handful of songs. Here are 3 of them.

Anke was invited to sing her German translation of “Little Bit Perfect” with Bernard as part of The Brass Traps performance on Sunday.

(You can find out a bit more about the song and hear OTHER recorded translations here).

Oh, and if you’re into The Book Of Faces, you can find photos of Awkward Strangers here, here, here, here and here.

Other Stuff, before the 2019 MUF: