Awkward Strangers

Photo by Jeltje Fanoy, 2018

Andrew and Anke were individually awkward and strange for years before they started playing together in 2015.

They have performed internationally at the West Kola Music Festival in Solomon Islands, have appeared sporadically at the Citizens Circus in Fitzroy, and have attended regularly at the Club MUK open-mic ukulele nights at Bar 303. They were featured performers at Club MUF as part of the 2019 Melbourne Ukulele Festival.

They baulk at writing their own material and, instead, play Other People’s Songs in ways that are sometimes silly, sometimes soulful, but always surprising.

They invite you to discover the awkward stranger within you.

Awkward Strangers joined in with the Yarra Yukers and friends to play at “Peace, Love And Ukeleles!”


2019 Melbourne Ukulele Festival

Awkward Strangers managed to sneak into the Ukulele Highway‘s expose before the festival blasted its way through Northcote on 16 & 17 March (jump straight to Dean and Rose talking Club 303 here).

And then, as expected, they guest-gatecrashed the open mic session on Saturday afternoon and played through a handful of songs. Here are 3 of them.

Anke was invited to sing her German translation of “Little Bit Perfect” with Bernard as part of The Brass Traps performance on Sunday.

(You can find out a bit more about the song and hear OTHER recorded translations here).

Oh, and if you’re into The Book Of Faces, you can find photos of Awkward Strangers here, here, here, here and here.

Other Stuff, not of the MUF: